Pear vodka

Vodka with the fruity flavour of juicy pears


Pear vodka is an original drink that combines the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world – vodka, with the flavour of juicy pears. Pear vodka is made ​​from extra-fine ethyl alcohol of domestic origin and has the pleasant aromatic scent of juicy pears.


The popular and successful Plum vodka has had a strong position on the Czech market for a long time, which it achieved both because of its pleasant and uncommon taste and, as well as because of TV advertising featuring René, me and Rudolf. However, people were waiting a long time for its younger sister, Pear vodka. It arrived on the market in the summer of 2013. It's fans are young, active people who like to have fun, are open to new things and have become familiar with the trendy pear flavour in our other assortments. RUDOLF JELÍNEK reaffirms their status as fruit specialists and also that they have the ability to process it into many different forms.


For fans of classic vodka, we have prepared R. JELÍNEK vodka, which you will appreciate for its smooth and balanced flavour. However if you have a desire for fruit, slivovitz or fruit distillates are the ideal solution.