Distillery land

The company RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s., founded in 1894 is an historic firm, which is famed in particular for its production of fruit spirits (above all Slivovitz) typical for central Europe and of alcoholic drinks. The company RUDOLF JELINEK a.s. holds in high respect the tradition of distilling, whose beginnings hail back to the second half of 16th century, and wishes to make this known to the general public. It has therefore decided to play an active role in tourism and has established the tour and visiting centre of Distillery Land.

The grounds of the company have undergone complete reconstruction, which has revived the image it had in the thirties of the last century, that is to say when the firm was actually owned by Mr Rudolf Jelinek. The project was designed by Ing. Arch. Jan Konečný, who , as a stage designer, has also designed some sets for the National Theatre in Prague. The SAPARD EU programme and the Ministry for Local Development of the Czech Republic helped to fund this project.

The main purpose of the Distillery Land project is to recall the tradition and the art of converting fruit into high-quality spirits as well as presenting the original "factory" where the traditional production procedures are now combined with the state-of-the-art technology. The project should contribute towards the promotion of the region and the development of tourism here.

The excursion track includes the visitors’ centre with the distillery shop, a cinema hall, the fruit growers’ distillery, the homogenization room with its giant wooden cauldrons (the maturing of the spirits), racking room (filling the bottles) and the room where tasting goes on. There are also specialized variants to this theme including viewing the rectification (the refining of the spirits) and the initial distilling including fermentation. The tour also entails tasting the products.

The Tour has been elaborated to cater for the handicapped (of course including toilets) and is separated from the production line to ensure the safety of the visitors and to abide by conditions vital for the food-processing industries. There is a large car park catering both for cars and coaches.

A related project which will offer comprehensive services in the segment of tourism is the envisaged construction of our own hotel with a minimum capacity of 50 beds, a restaurant and wine cellar for archiving spirits as well as expert tasting.

The project is determined for private organized tours, travel agencies and to provide an incentive for tourism, because the rooms of the visitors’ centre are suitable for presentations, receptions complete with all the required services and also including a dulcimer band and folklore dancers.